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Facial features
Facial features
Release time: 2019-04-02 11:05:43

Baoji Maternal and Child Health Hospital's facial health department mainly provides regular inspections of eyes, ears, nose, throat, oral cavity, hearing, disease prevention and health care services for children and adults in the city. The department has an eye health clinic, an ear, nose and throat clinic, an oral health clinic, and a hearing screening clinic. It has strong technical expertise and advanced medical equipment.
There are 10 professional and technical personnel in the department, including 2 senior titles and 3 intermediate titles. It has advanced American SureSight vision screening instrument, Topcon fully automatic computer optometry, synoptic machine, slit lamp microscope, electrophysiology tester, 4D digital Strabismus and amblyopia diagnosis and treatment system, Germany's advanced otolaryngology endoscope system, ALGO3i automatic brainstem evoked potential hearing screening instrument imported from the United States, Germany MB11 hearing brainstem response tester, international advanced broadband acoustic impedance tester, Denmark Titan Broadband Middle Ear Analyzer, Sinol s2316 Oral Comprehensive Therapy Chair and other advanced diagnostic equipment.
The eye health clinic has reached the advanced level in the province in the screening of infant eye diseases, the treatment of children's strabismus, and the treatment of neonatal dacryocystitis, and it is the first to introduce a 4D digital strabismus treatment system in our city to treat strabismus. Otolaryngology clinics mainly carry out the prevention and guidance of common diseases of the ear, nose and throat, and the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases such as otitis media, rhinitis, and tonsillitis in infants and young children.
He has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of secretory otitis media in infants and adenoid hypertrophy in young children. Hearing screening clinic is the "Baoji Hearing Screening Center" determined by the Provincial Department of Health, which is responsible for all hearing screening of newborns born in our hospital and hearing rescreening of infants and young children in the city. Oral clinics include the integration of oral supplementation (tooth preservation), extraction (child extraction), orthodontics (occlusion induction), and prevention (dental health). The main service items include children's oral health assessment and management (semi-annual oral examination), children Diagnosis and treatment of dental caries, endodontic disease and apical disease, metal pre-crown repair of large-scale caries of deciduous molars and anti-caries treatment of fluorinated foam and fluorogel, closure of the sulcus and sulcus of the sixth age, early intervention for children with dental disorders Early correction of deciduous teeth and jaw, orthodontic correction, primary treatment of dental trauma in children, etc.

Name: Wu Lixin Title: Deputy Chief Physician of Ophthalmology Good at: Diagnosis and treatment of children with refractive error and strabismus, and has accumulated rich clinical experience in the treatment of children with amblyopia and strabismus surgery.
Personal profile: Wu Lixin, male, deputy director of children's facial features, deputy chief physician of ophthalmology, member of Shaanxi Provincial Ophthalmology Society, member of the Shaanxi Provincial Health Care Association Opto-Optic Committee, and deputy director of Baoji Maternal and Child Health Association Child Health Branch. He graduated from Xi'an Medical University with a major in clinical medicine in 1989 and has been engaged in clinical ophthalmology for more than 20 years. He studied in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University and Beijing Tongren Hospital. He is proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently-occurring diseases in pediatric ophthalmology, and is good at the diagnosis and treatment of refractive error and strabismus in children. He has accumulated rich clinical experience in the treatment of amblyopia and strabismus surgery in children, and took the lead in introducing 4D digital strabismus treatment in our city. Systematic treatment of strabismic amblyopia has achieved good clinical results. In recent years, it has devoted itself to the health care of children's vision, carried out the screening of newborns with congenital eye diseases and screening of infants' refractive, and achieved good social effects.

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