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— Grass Roots —
Grassroots garden

Provincial Health and Health Commission conducts special inspection on the management of "birth medical certificate" in Fufeng County

On November 25, Wang Baozhu, the head of the special inspection team of the Provincial Health and Health Commission, and his team of 4 people conducted a special inspection on the management of the "Birth Medical Certificate" in Fufeng County. Song Hongyun, Chief of the Maternal and Child Health Section of the Municipal Health and Health Committee, ...


Mei County Maternal and Child Health Project Work Training Meeting Held Successfully

On November 15, 2019, Meixian County organized a county-wide maternal and child health project work training meeting, and the meeting was held at the Community Health Service Center of Shoushan Street Office. ...


Meixian launches training on birth certificate management

In order to implement the relevant provisions of the "Maternal and Child Health Care Law of the People's Republic of China", further strengthen the standardized management of birth medical certificates, and ensure that the issuance and management of birth medical certificates throughout the county are carried out in an orderly manner. ...


Taibai County Holds Maternal and Child Project and Child Health Technology Training Course

In order to implement the important instruction spirit of General Secretary Jinping on the high incidence of myopia in children and adolescents, to comprehensively improve the quality of women's and children's projects, comprehensively standardize the work of child health inspection and vision screening, ...


Joint consultation and management, and do a good job of health care in child care institutions

On October 15, the joint meeting and technical expert group meeting of the health care work of the childcare institutions in Linyou County were held in the conference room of the Health Bureau of Linyou County. The county market supervision administration, ...


Jintai District launches publicity campaign to prevent birth defects

September 12 this year is the 15th China's birth defect prevention day. The theme of this year's event is "Early Prevention of Birth Defects, Healthy China Action." ...


Meixian launches publicity campaign on birth defect prevention day

Every year, September 12th is the National Day for the Prevention of Birth Defects. This year's theme is "Early Prevention of Birth Defects, Healthy China Action". ...


Fengxian launches a theme awareness campaign on the prevention of birth defects day

In order to comprehensively promote the comprehensive prevention and control of birth defects, publicize and popularize scientific knowledge of eugenics, and create a good atmosphere that attaches importance to and pay attention to the prevention and treatment of birth defects, ...


City Health Commission supervises and investigates maternal and child health and aging health work in Mei County

The scorching sun cannot stop serving women, children and the elderly. In order to comprehensively grasp the implementation of women's and children's health and aging in various counties and districts of our city, ...


Municipal Health and Health Committee supervises and investigates maternal and child health and aging health work in Fufeng County

In order to comprehensively grasp the implementation of various key tasks of maternal and child health in the first half of 2019, and to further understand the status of aging work in institutional reform. ...


Linyou County Holds Training Class on Health Care Knowledge for Child Care Institutions

In the beautiful and full April days, flowers bloom for another year. On April 12, Linyou County Maternal and Child Health Care Family Planning Service Center held a health care training course for child care institutions, ...


Fengxian Women's Health Action Service Solved the First Day of Service

"Thank you so much for the experts. Fortunately, this free consultation visit organized by your experts is your timely discovery that pulled me back from the god of death. You are really the guardians of my life." ...


Health knowledge and skills training of Fengxian Science Parenting Project praised

On the afternoon of March 4, the health knowledge and skills training class for Fengxian Science Parenting Project was held as scheduled in the conference room on the third floor of the County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. ...


Taibai County holds 2018 neonatal death review meeting and neonatal resuscitation training meeting

In order to improve the maternal and newborn emergency capacity of the county and reduce the maternal and newborn mortality. On November 2, the Taibai County Health and Family Planning Bureau organized the county's 2018 newborn death review meeting and newborn asphyxia resuscitation training session. ...


Linyou County Women's Insurance Hospital conducts health care supervision and inspection of child care institutions

In order to further strengthen the health care management and business guidance for childcare institutions, earnestly improve the quality of health care work in our county's kindergartens, and ensure the physical and mental health of young children. ...


Respect for the Elderly

The golden october is fragrant and fragrant, the autumn is tall and airy, and the sun is heavy. In order to promote the traditional virtues of respecting, loving and helping the Chinese celebrities, ...


Fighting poverty, women and children in action

October 17, 2018 is the fifth National Poverty Alleviation Day, in order to fully demonstrate the effectiveness of poverty alleviation work, and enhance confidence and determination to win the poverty alleviation battle, ...


Long County Health and Family Planning Bureau Held County-wide Training Program on AIDS, Syphilis, Hepatitis B Mother-to-Child Transmission Project

In order to do a good job in the management of the project of preventing mother-to-child transmission of AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis B in the county, to improve the quality of project management, and to solidly promote the progress of project implementation, ...


Consolidating the foundation and providing high-quality services-side notes on training activities for children's health physicians in Weibin District

In order to effectively strengthen the capacity of children's health services in primary health care institutions and actively promote children's health, on the afternoon of April 26, the Maternity and Child Health Hospital of Weibin District organized a child health physician training session. There were more than 40 child health care institutions in the jurisdiction. Physicians attended the training. ...


Fengxiang County Holds Training Meeting on Maternal Pregnancy Risk Assessment and Management

In order to fully implement the National Health and Family Planning Commission's Notice on Printing and Distributing Maternal Pregnancy Risk Assessment and Management Practices (Guo Wei Ma Ying Hua [2017] No. 35) and the Notice on Strengthening the Safeguarding of Maternal and Child Safety (Guo Ma [2017] No. 42), and the spirit of relevant documents at the provincial and municipal levels, ...

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