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Your current location: Baoji City Maternal and Child Health Hospital > Grassroots Garden > Grassroots Garden > Fengxian launches a theme publicity campaign on the prevention of birth defects
Grassroots garden
Fengxian launches a theme awareness campaign on the prevention of birth defects day
Release time: 2019-09-17 17:10:00

In order to comprehensively promote the comprehensive prevention and control of birth defects, publicize and popularize scientific knowledge of eugenics, and create a good atmosphere that attaches importance to and pay attention to the prevention and control of birth defects, in the afternoon of September 11, Fengxian Health Bureau organized the theme of "birth in the central square of the county seat". Early prevention of defects, healthy China action "publicity and consultation free clinic service activities.
At the event site, county, central and two hospitals, and county maternal, child and family planning service staff actively carried out maternal and child health program policies and reproductive health knowledge publicity: First, popularize eugenics scientific knowledge, the main contents include: psychological and physical basic knowledge related to pregnancy and childbirth, before marriage Health care, pregnancy health care, newborn disease screening, etc .; Second, publicize the benefits of the people's policy, focusing on free services such as prenatal pregnancy health checkups, supplementation with folic acid to prevent neural tube defects, prenatal screening, and newborn disease screening. The party and government's series of policies to benefit the people to prevent birth defects and disability prevention have made these good policies well-known and popular. Third, the prevention of reproductive risks, combined with the implementation of the comprehensive two-child policy, have increased the number of elderly women and increased the risk of birth defects. To carry out risk prevention knowledge publicity for reborn couples, and guide couples to actively receive services such as pre-pregnancy health checkups, health care during pregnancy, prenatal screening and diagnosis, and newborn disease screening to effectively protect the safety of mothers and babies and the quality of pregnancy. At the same time, various township governments and township health centers have launched various forms of birth defect day promotion and free clinic services.
The publicity and consultation activities received 1,000 consultations, more than 1,500 publicity materials were distributed, and 800 consultations were provided. The people present participated actively in the interaction and benefited a lot. The activities achieved good results.

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