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Science Park

Why use oral rehydration salts in children with diarrhea Ⅲ

Diarrhea is a group of diseases characterized by increased number of stools and changes in stool shape caused by multiple causes and factors, and is the main cause of illness and death in children. ...


What to do if the baby is injured?

Fall injury is the most common type of injury for children in our country. It can be a fall from the same plane or a fall from one plane to another, including slipping, tripping, falling and falling. ...


Home care for pediatric bronchitis

If the baby has bronchitis, parents must not buy medicines for the baby. They must go to the doctor for treatment immediately, and they should not stop the medicine without permission because the baby's condition has improved. ...


Are you playing the right baby game?

Your baby will play more of these small games, which will help the development of fine sports! ...


How much can you know about eczema in children?

Many babies begin to have rash on their small faces after birth. Experienced people say that it is eczema at the first sight. What is going on with eczema? Why are you always pestering your baby? ...


Is the tongue strap too short or not?

In the middle of the dorsal side of the tongue, a fascia connects the tongue with the sublingual mucosa. This fascia is the tongue strap. The folks call the tongue tendon shortly "hanging tongue tendon". ...


Hit your head, bite your hand, grab your hair ... you need to do this in the face of your child's self-harm!

Self-harm behavior exists in many autistic children. Self-harm behavior is not just about hitting the wall. Some children may head, bite themselves, scratch their own skin, scratch their hair, etc ...


Nursing for children with pneumonia

Pneumonia is a common disease in infants and young children, and it is more common in winter and spring. It is a common cause of infant death. Children with pneumonia most often have fever, cough, shortness of breath, sometimes nasal agitation, and lips cyanosis. ...


Correct Understanding of Fever Disease -------- Acute Suppurative Tonsillitis

With the rise of temperature, fever diseases have gradually increased, especially children with acute suppurative tonsillitis. The fever peaks and the fever lasts for a long time. The body temperature still fluctuates repeatedly under the condition of medication, so parents should understand the disease correctly. It is necessary to deal with it reasonably during the fever. ...


The help of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine on anorexia in children from Xuanxuan

Xuan Xuan is 5 years old. Since going to a nursery school, Xuan Xuan's mother has found that Xuan Xuan has become less and less fond of eating. The cooked meals are full after eating only two bites, and she has no appetite. Problem, looking at Xuan Xuan who is growing up but anorexia, Xuan Xuan's mother is very worried that nutrition can not keep up. ...


What to do for parents with baby diarrhea?

The health of the baby is the biggest comfort for each parent. Diarrhea is a common disease of the baby. It is mainly manifested by increased stool frequency, thinning, and abdominal pain. What should parents do when the baby has diarrhea? . ...


Learn the four principles of newborn umbilical cord care!

The umbilical cord is a channel for the baby to deliver nutrition to the baby in the mother's belly. As the baby is born, the expected mission is over, and the doctor will cut the umbilical cord for the baby. ...


What should I do if my child has herpes angina?

Herpes angina is a disease caused by viral infection, which mainly occurs in children 1-7 years old, especially under 5 years old. It is the peak period of onset in April-July or summer and autumn. It must be contagious and must be Do a good job of isolation and disinfection. ...


My baby has a fever

Why does my baby get fever? When a germ invades a baby's body, in order to fight against the germ, the baby's body will use some defense mechanisms to protect the baby's body. First of all, the baby must take a regular temperature measurement of the baby and pay attention to the temperature change. Causes, correct treatment, avoid high fever convulsions. ...


Early manifestations of pediatric cerebral palsy

Excessive irritation: continuous crying, difficulty falling asleep, about 30% of children with cerebral palsy have similar symptoms of "intestinal colic" in the first 3 months of life. ...


Difficulty feeding or early symptoms of cerebral palsy

At present, there are more than 5 million children with cerebral palsy in China. Doctors pointed out that due to insufficient understanding of the early symptoms of the disease, the parents could not make the child's medical treatment in time, which delayed the optimal treatment time, leading to physical disability in children with cerebral palsy. Society has brought a great burden. ...


What are the manifestations of cerebral palsy in children

The manifestations of cerebral palsy vary according to the etiology and classification but are more common in the early stages: (early symptoms of cerebral palsy in the first half (within 6 months)) ...


Children with cerebral palsy common sense

Cerebral palsy is short for cerebral palsy. China's understanding of cerebral palsy is relatively late. For the needs of clinical and scientific research, at the National Pediatric Cerebral Palsy Symposium held in Jiamusi in September 1988, after discussion, it was decided to adopt the definition developed by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Cerebral Palsy Study Class ...


Pediatric Encephalopathy Rehabilitation Project

Sports therapy: develop training programs according to the situation of children, including head control training, turn-up training, sitting training, crawling training, standing training, walking training, abnormal posture control and other training; ...


Prevention of cerebral palsy starts from the perinatal period

Cerebral palsy (referred to as cerebral palsy) refers to non-progressive brain injury syndrome caused by a variety of causes within one month from birth to birth, with the highest incidence of perinatal period. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to take precautions in the following aspects: . ...

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