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Obstetric warm retreat

Baoji City Maternal and Child Health Hospital is a critically ill pregnant woman rescue center in Baoji City, which is responsible for the treatment of critical pregnant women in 9 counties and 3 districts of Baoji. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is in the Department of Critical Obstetrics and has 39 beds, of which 21 are VIP family-style maternity rooms. Equipped with air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric water heater, separate toilet, 24-hour hot water and full-time warm service. The department currently has 30 medical staff, including 3 senior titles and 10 intermediate titles. Each year, more than 200 critically ill pregnant women are referred for referrals, and they have accumulated rich clinical experience in the treatment of critically ill pregnant women. Rescue rates for postpartum hemorrhage, amniotic fluid embolism, DIC, placenta previa, placenta implantation, severe eclampsia, eclampsia, pregnancy with heart disease, and pregnancy with diabetes have reached a high level in China. The department treats more than 3,000 hospitalized pregnant women. The department is equipped with advanced instruments and equipment, including a remote central ECG monitoring system, a blood gas analyzer, a defibrillator, a neonatal jaundice treatment box, two microwave therapy instruments, and an intermittent pneumatic pump. Taiwan, 5 microinjector pumps, 10 ECG monitors, and a bladder scanner. 13 new technology projects carried out in the past three years, many of which are domestically leading. In particular, the double-balloon technique for promoting cervical maturation and the technique of adding milk to the breast are popular among pregnant women. With the implementation of the “two-child” policy, the “scarred uterine vaginal delivery” and “auricular patch promotion of milk secretion” technologies currently being carried out by the department will bring the gospel to mothers who have a second child. Nursing implements "quality care details service", and carries out warm reception for the pregnant women admitted to the hospital, introduces the ward environment and personally sends them to the ward, explains the use of ward facilities and precautions, and makes them adapt to reduce pregnant women's feeling of strangeness and fear as soon as possible. ; New mothers after childbirth will implement one-to-one sexualized bedside missions with special attention to psychological care by the responsible nurses in accordance with the health education path established by the department and combined with maternal needs. In strict accordance with the requirements of the Baby-friendly Hospital, help the mother to complete the implementation of the first "three mornings" for more than 30 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to recommend the use of bottles and milk powder to the mother. For those with insufficient breast milk, the nurse uses the homemade breast milk dispenser to help the mother to give birth to the newborn. The baby is fed, and teaches mothers breastfeeding skills during hospitalization so that they can quickly complete the role change. Responsible nurses evaluate the maternal mastery every day, and repeatedly strengthen the education for those who do not meet the standards until mastery. At the same time, the nurses also provide bedside care, bedside touches, and small classroom lectures to explain the nursing knowledge of the mother and her family. Provided services such as disease screening, hearing screening, fundus screening, behavioral testing, vaccination, and newborn bathing for newborns. At the time of discharge, the medical staff explained the detailed health knowledge and issues related to the birth certificate for the mother.
The 2 departments of obstetrics have been awarded honorary titles such as "advanced department", "excellent department with comprehensive target and task completion", "advanced department of new technology project" for many years. General medical staff will adhere to the "mother safety, child first" purpose to provide every mother with high-quality, efficient, warm, satisfied and convenient services.

Diagnosis and treatment scope:
1. Pre-pregnancy preparation, consultation, eugenics consultation, nutrition evaluation guidance during pregnancy, health care during pregnancy, diagnosis and treatment of abnormal conditions during early pregnancy, such as pregnancy vomiting, threatened abortion, habitual abortion, induction of labor over 14 weeks, etc .;
2. Prenatal screening, prenatal examination, normal delivery and cesarean section;
3. Pregnancy combined with medical and surgical diseases: such as pregnancy with hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, etc., pregnancy, diarrhea, medication during pregnancy, etc .;
4, pregnancy-specific diseases: such as preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, biliary stasis, etc .;
5. Postpartum psychological and physical rehabilitation treatment and consultation, postpartum depression diagnosis and treatment, postpartum pelvic floor function evaluation and rehabilitation treatment, etc .;
6. Rescue of critically ill pregnant women in the city;
7, El Hui mother health club activities;
8, Shaanxi Provincial Association of Eugenics and Babies-Baoji Fetal School Activities;
9. Cord blood stem cell storage;
10. Special inspection and treatment of obstetrics in the business scope, such as cord blood flow, fetal heart monitoring, etc .;
11. VIP outpatient and inpatient services.

Name: Liu Zongyin
Title: Deputy Chief Physician of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Good at: nutrition guidance during pregnancy, perinatal health care, and critical care and genetic counseling, psychological counseling, and diagnosis and treatment of intractable diseases for high-risk pregnant women in obstetrics.
Personal profile: director of medical education and obstetrics, director of the top three review office, deputy chief physician of obstetrics and gynecology. Postgraduate degree from the Fourth Military Medical University, currently a member of the Northwest Group Expert Committee of the China Eugenics and Eugenics Association, a member of the Shaanxi Eugenics and Eugenics Association, a standing member of the Maternal and Infant Health Association of the Shaanxi Health Association, a deputy director of the Perinatal Medicine Branch of the Baoji Medical Association, and a Northwest Eugenics Member of the school group, member of the Northwest Neonatal Expert Group. He successively studied at Shanghai Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Shanghai Fudan University, and San Francisco Pacific Medical Center. Good at diagnosis and treatment of high-risk pregnant women, nutrition guidance and genetic counseling during pregnancy, gynecological endoscopic technology, etc. He has presided over 6 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, won the first and second prizes of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and published more than 10 national papers.

Name: Zhao Xuehui
Title: Deputy Chief Physician of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Good at: high-risk screening in prenatal clinics, treatment of dystocia, diagnosis and treatment of complications and complications during pregnancy, especially nutrition guidance during pregnancy, and comprehensive management of gestational diabetes.
Personal profile: Zhao Xuehui, female, 40 years old, deputy director of obstetrics, deputy chief physician, member of the Maternal and Child Health Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Health Association, graduated from Xi'an Medical University with a major in clinical medicine, and studied advanced obstetrics and pregnancy in Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. Management of diabetes during pregnancy, hypertension during pregnancy, and studied and exchanged in Guanghua Hospital in Hong Kong and Women and Children's Center of California Pacific Medical Center. Participated in domestic and provincial critical care rescue and maternal-fetal medicine classes, prenatal genetic counseling classes, and proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of common obstetric diseases and frequently-occurring diseases. Rescue postpartum hemorrhage, severe preeclampsia, placenta previa, early placenta every year. Hundreds of obstetric emergency and severe obesity, proficient in diagnosis and treatment of common obstetrics and frequently-occurring diseases and treatment of dystocia, good at high-risk screening in prenatal clinics, prenatal diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment of complications and complications during pregnancy, especially nutrition during pregnancy Guidance, comprehensive management of gestational diabetes. He has published 7 papers, participated in 2 provincial-level scientific researches, and 1 municipal-level scientific research.

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