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Hospital Overview

Baoji Maternal and Child Health Hospital was founded in 1954. It is the first Class A Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Shaanxi Province, one of the top 30 municipal and municipal maternal and child health institutions, one hundred national excellent baby-friendly hospitals, and the first batch of demonstration bases for early childhood development. , Demonstration Unit of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shaanxi General Hospital. There are maternity hospitals, children's hospitals, Daijiawan branch, Wolong Temple, Jinling, petroleum community health service institutions and unity Junyi outpatient department (three hospitals, three communities and one clinic), 56 clinical medical technology and administrative departments . It covers a total area of 38 acres, with a total area of more than 40,000 square meters for business use, and 718 beds. There are more than 1,100 employees and 800,000 annual outpatient visits. More than 35,000 cases of pregnant women and patients are discharged. The hospital integrates medical treatment, health care, scientific research, and teaching. It is responsible for the management and technical guidance of maternal and child health care in the three districts of the nine counties of the city, the monitoring of women's and children's health, training of grassroots women and children, rescue of pregnant women, women, children and the community Residents' basic medical and health care services lead the management of 14 major national and basic public health programs and provincial and municipal maternal and child public health programs in 37 categories.

In recent years, the hospital has implemented the development strategy of “creating professional brands, building specialized hospitals, educating professionals, and expanding special services”, and has successively established “ten professional centers”, “ten technical bases”, “seven distinctive clubs”, The "two health education schools" have continuously expanded the hospital's business scope and steadily improved the quality of medical care. It has become the chairman unit of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Association, the vice chairman unit of the Municipal Medical Association, the Nursing Society, the Chinese Medicine Association, and the Preventive Medicine Association, and The Municipal Medical Association has 6 principal units including perinatal, pediatric, neonatal, pediatric surgery, community health, and medical engineering branches; women's health, child health, high-risk pregnancy management, child critical care, reproductive medicine, breast health, There are 7 branch committee units such as midwifery, and 3 branch committee units including neonatal care, perinatal care, and pediatric nursing of the Municipal Nursing Society.
The perinatal medical system is in line with international standards, and it is the first to implement the "integration of birth and treatment" delivery service in the province. The women's health system is guided by the women's series of health care and health promotion centers, and has become the national gynecological endoscopic diagnosis and treatment technology training base for the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the national gynecological endocrine and gynecological common diseases training base. The child health system has become the first batch of national-level early childhood development demonstration bases in the province, ranking among the top 10 nationwide; the neonatal department has become a national clinical key specialty construction project and a national neonatal discipline training base. The reproductive health system has signed a cooperation framework agreement with the expert team of Arizona Reproductive Medicine Center, and has been approved to establish Baoji City Reproductive Medicine Center.

The hospital has won nearly 10 national honors including the National Advanced Collective of the Medical and Health System, the National March Eight Red Flag Collective, and the National "May Day" Women's Model Pedestrian Post. There are nearly 30 provincial honors such as the Bethune Spirit Award of the Provincial Health System and the pacesetter of the Provincial Civilized Units.

Address: No. 2 East Section of Xinjian Road, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province
Bus route: Take the No. 3, No. 33, No. 34, No. 7 Maternal and Child Health Hospital in the city.
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Baoji Maternal and Child Health Hospital
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Address: No. 2 East Section of Xinjian Road, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province Phone: 18991738120
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