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Unity Junyi Clinic

Baoji Maternal and Child Health Hospital united Junyi Clinic, was established in June 2017. It is a comprehensive outpatient department that is approved by the Municipal Health and Family Planning Bureau and is a delayed medical institution that integrates medical treatment, health care, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation, and physical examination.
The outpatient department is equipped with Chinese and western medicine rooms, radiographs, internal medicine consultation rooms, pediatric consultation rooms, traditional Chinese medicine consultation rooms, examination rooms, color Doppler ultrasound, electrocardiogram examination rooms, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation treatment rooms, eye examination rooms, pulmonary function testing, and transcranial Doppler examination rooms. Carry out various tests, color Doppler ultrasound, electrocardiogram, filming, transcranial Doppler, lung function test, breast test, fundus photography (fundus examination can detect fundus lesions early), bone density test, child nutrition analysis test, and acupuncture, massage, Ai Moxibustion, cupping, shoulder and knee joint pain treatment. The outpatient department has infusion beds and infusion chairs to carry out infusion observation business.
The outpatient department waives the registration fee for the patients, implements the charging standards of first-tier medical institutions, and enjoys the medical care services of third-tier hospitals. At the same time, group and individual health examination services can be carried out.

Phone: 0917-3517065
Address: South section of Tieta Road, Jintai District (100 meters west of the Education Center, diagonally opposite to the building materials of the Alliance)

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