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Hospital culture

Houde State Hospital

The concept of hospital culture
Hospital culture is the sum of the material civilization and spiritual civilization of the hospital, and is the basic work for the construction of spiritual civilization in the hospital. Is:
Three doctrines: socialism, collectivism, revolutionary humanitarianism
Four spirits: ancestors first, self-improvement, love to the hospital, and serving the people's health as the connotation
Nine cultures, including morals, thinking, psychology, service, technology, management, system, environment, organization, and related facilities, are the comprehensive cultural systems.
Hospital culture is not formed or created by writing a few slogans and designing a logo. It is the same worldview and life that has been passed down through years of precipitation, cultivation, guidance, education, and sublimation for generations of employees for a common struggle. Concept, code of conduct. The cultural atmosphere of our academy was formed by successive generations of women and children. For example, hospital employees use their own emotions and experience to design the emblem of the hospital, compose academies, and describe the hospital's colors. Therefore, these unique cultural connotations originate from the employees and have generated a strong emotional motivation and execution in the hospital.

1. Hospital culture is an integral part of social culture
It is a group culture with rich characteristics of the hospital formed on the basis of a certain social culture. It is a concentrated expression of the material and spiritual results created by the entire medical staff of the hospital in the long-term process of work and life in a certain environment.
Hospital culture has strong social marks, times marks, occupation marks, and traditional marks.
An excellent hospital culture is a hospital's brand, core competitiveness, and intangible asset that leads to success.
Excellent hospital culture can achieve the role of uniting people's hearts, encouraging morale, inspiring people's enthusiasm for work, and improving people's creative ability, thereby promoting the growth and development of the hospital.

2. Hospital culture has a guiding role for "people".
Hospital culture reflects the common pursuit of the hospital as a whole, which is not only the reproduction of hospital behavior, but also the development and improvement of hospital behavior.
The guiding function of hospital culture is: immersed in people's thoughts through the hospital's cultural atmosphere, penetrated into people's hearts, and reflected in people's ideas and actions.
Once the hospital has formed its own unique culture, it will have a specific cultural set and have relative independence. This strong hospital spirit and behavior code will consciously or unconsciously become a hospital-oriented behavior direction. The majority of medical staff led to the target direction determined by the hospital, which made the concept and behavior of all medical staff consistent with the development goals of the hospital, and greatly mobilized people's enthusiasm for achieving the specific goals of the hospital to a certain extent.
For example, in the broad aspect, our hospital solidifies the service tenet. All positioning strategies for the physical and mental health of women and children
Create a professional brand, build a specialist hospital, mold specialized talents, and carry out the concept of special service inheritance
Bless the health of women and children to draw a vision forever
To be a first-rate maternity and child health care hospital in the Northwest
In small aspects, everyone is hardworking, devoted to work, and consciously abides by labor discipline, which also confirms the saying "three diligences plus one laziness, and laziness cannot be lazy".

3. Hospital culture has a stimulating effect on "people"
Hospital culture not only has the role of inspiring people to work together, work consciously, and work harder, but more importantly, it can mobilize people's inherent enthusiasm. From an individual point of view, it is an upward effect produced by externally stimulating the encouragement received by the individual, such as: the pride of being proud of women and children. At the annual Spring Festival party, each department uses a different program to present the book. The key business of the department sang out.
Taken as a whole, they are accepted through appeals and influences and produce individual behavioral effects. After the hospital has established the development goals, it will exert influence on the majority of employees with various cultural behaviors, achieve consensus, produce effects, generate incentives through the realization of the goals of each subsystem, and finally achieve the realization of the system goals.
In the construction and development of the hospital, the goal is implanted into the people's thoughts through various cultural effects, which stimulates the inherent potential of the staff and enables the majority of medical staff to realize that the realization of the development goals of the hospital is the result of the reflection of personal values and will surely produce Great positive effect.

4. Hospital culture has a restraining effect on "people"
The construction of hospital culture plays a restrictive role on the behavioral norms of each medical staff through various concepts, beliefs and systems to help medical staff realize self-control, self-management, and maintain good professional ethics.
The various rules and regulations formulated by the hospital invisibly constrain everyone's behavior, control and regulate people's attitudes, emotions, and wills, so that each medical staff consciously and voluntarily abides by various rules and regulations, thereby improving the overall moral level of employees and exerting The good social benefits of the hospital ensure that the hospital's medical activities adapt to the needs of the current socialist market economy and continuously meet people's growing medical care needs. For example, the "precise medicine, virtue, harmony, and uplifting" in the academy's training intangibly restricts women and children from doing things that violate professional ethics.

5. Hospital culture has a cohesive effect on "people"
The construction of hospital culture is to communicate people's thoughts through the subtle cultural psychology of medical staff's perceptions, beliefs, and motivation expectations, and to generate cohesion for the overall goals of the hospital.
The cohesion generated in the hospital culture makes all staff have a "sense of identity" for goals, principles and concepts, a "mission" for achieving the hospital's goals, a "pride" for their own work, and a "sense of belonging" to the collective.
While focusing on the values of the hospital group, the hospital should also pay attention to the existence of personal value, the cultivation of human emotions, and the coordination of interpersonal relationships, thereby increasing the cohesion of the hospital. For example, for many years, the "Spring Festival Gala", "Lantern Festival Yangge", "Mug and Tug of War", and "July 1st Performance" in our hospital have been held every year, and have been performed every year. Dare to fight and strive for perfection in all activities. It has won three consecutive championships in the municipal gymnastics radio gymnastics competition, the men's and women's teams in the basketball team both advanced to the top three, the table tennis competitions have won prizes.
Through carrying out and participating in these activities, not only enrich the cultural life of employees, but also strengthen the communication between departments and departments, employees and employees, employees and leaders, promote the cohesion and sublimation of group values, and play a role in strengthening the construction of hospital culture Active promotion role.

6. The construction of hospital culture has a fusion effect on "people"
The hospital culture has a subtle effect on the thinking, character, and taste of all staff, so that everyone naturally integrates into the collective and forms a harmonious whole.
In this way, we can give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, give play to their ownership, and work together to achieve the same goal of hospital development and accelerate the pace of hospital construction. If the hospital's staff cannot be integrated, or even divergent views are expressed, the hospital's work will certainly not be carried out smoothly, and eventually the overall work process of the hospital may be blocked.
The "maternal and child culture" that our hospital has been practicing for a long time has produced a strong cohesion throughout the hospital, showing a unique effect, greatly mobilizing Bao's work enthusiasm, and fully tapping Bao's labor potential. It comprehensively shaped Bao's love of the hospital and the broad mind of the patients such as loved ones, effectively inspired Bao's innovative consciousness, formed the core competitiveness that cannot be copied and replaced, and strongly built the Bao's brand. The hospital construction has entered a coordinated and sustainable benign development track, and promoted the city's primary health care work to a new level.

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