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— Surgical Anesthesiology —
Surgical anesthesia
Department of Surgical Anesthesiology
Release time: 2018-04-16 15:41:55

The Department of Anesthesia Surgery in our hospital is characterized by anesthesia surgery in specialized hospitals, and people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, and actively exploring new technologies in the field of anesthesia, our department has achieved leapfrog development, the size of the department has continued to grow, and the number and types of operations have increased year by year. The scope continues to expand. There are more than 30 medical staff in the department, including 12 middle and senior professional titles, 9 operating rooms, equipped with German imported multi-function anesthesia ventilator, multi-parameter monitor, HP defibrillation monitor, high-definition LED shadowless lamp, radiation-type newborn High-end medical equipment such as child rescue stations, invasive pressure monitoring, anesthesia depth monitoring, anesthesia gas monitoring, and end-expiratory carbon dioxide monitoring have laid the foundation for the smooth operation of anesthesia and provided safety guarantees. In recent years, the introduction of imported high-definition hysteroscopy and laparoscopy systems has brought the quality of gynecological diseases diagnosis and minimally invasive surgery in our hospital to a new level. More than 6,000 operations are performed annually, more than 3,000 cases of painless delivery, and more than 3,000 cases of painless abortion.
Our department took the lead in developing new technologies such as painless abortion, combined hard lumbar anesthesia, and postoperative analgesia; in particular, combined hard spine plus self-controlled analgesic delivery is at the leading level in the province, making natural delivery easy and painless with little side effects. Reduced cesarean delivery. Anesthesia doctors in the department always take safety and quality of anesthesia as their responsibility and study the business hard. The department doctors have accumulated rich experience in the anesthesia of infant and young child surgery, the anesthesia of minimally invasive gynecological surgery, and the rescue cooperation of critically obstetric patients. Taking the patient as the center, the department has launched a number of high-quality nursing services, preventing lower limb venous thrombosis, making warm shoulder pads, warming leg covers, and improving arm rests to provide patients with safe and satisfactory nursing services. He has won many honorary titles such as star service nursing unit and youth civilization post in Baoji. The department continuously strengthens management and standardization, improves various rules and regulations, regulates anesthesia operations, and establishes staff assessment methods to make the department's work institutional, standardized, and scientific.
People-oriented and excellence is our purpose. All medical staff in anesthesia surgery department will grasp every moment of life with meticulous service and take good care of your health with superb technology!

Zhang Maopeng, director of anesthesia surgery department, deputy chief physician, member of the Standing Committee of Anesthesiology Branch of Baoji Medical Association. He has been engaged in clinical anesthesia for more than 20 years. He studied at the Children's Hospital of the Capital Institute of Pediatric Research, went to the Pacific Medical Center to train for obstetric anesthesia, and obtained strict newborn training qualifications at Stanford University. Good at anesthesia in critical obstetrics surgery, laparoscopic surgery, pediatric surgery; especially experienced in spinal canal analgesia and other techniques, as well as the treatment of critically ill patients; chaired research projects: "Improved combined hard spine anesthesia in women "Application in Obstetric Surgery" won the third prize of Municipal Science and Technology Progress; "Application of Continuous Catheter Anesthesia in Infant and Child Surgery" won the Second Prize of Municipal Science and Technology Progress. "Clinical Research on Walkable Analgesia" won the Municipal Science and Technology Progress Second prize. Take the lead in launching walkable analgesia delivery business in Baoji City, so that the majority of pregnant women can relieve the pain of childbirth. He has been awarded the title of Outstanding Party Member and Advanced Worker for many times, and many papers have been published in national and provincial journals.

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